30th Reunion Survey

Please complete this survey if you attended or did not attend the AHS 1981 30th Class Reunion.  This information will help future reunion plannning committees create the kind of reunion you want to attend.

If you didn't participate in the activities but have some thoughts, please fill out the appropriate sections.  

Thank you for your feedback!!

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1)   What 30th Reunion activities did you attend?

  I was not able to attend the reunion
  Friday Bar Night
  Saturday morning Golf Outing
  Saturday Nigh Reunion Dinner Event
  Sunday Ames High School Tour
2)   Would you like the next reunion for the AHS Class of 1981 to be in:

  5 years (2016)
  10 years (2021)
3)   Is there another time of year that we should consider having the reunion?

Yes No
4)   If yes, when do you think we should have the reunion?

5)   Overall, how would you rate the 2011 AHS 30th Reunion?

6)   What did you like best about our 30th Reunion? (please list):

7)   What would you change or do differently? (please list)

8)   Where should we consider having our future Saturday night reunion dinner event?

  Same place - Knapp-Storms
  In a private room at a restaurant
  The country club
  Banquet room at a hotel
  ISU Student Union
  Local winery or other destination
9)   What kind of entertainment should be considered for future reunions?

10)   Should we have a professional photographer again at the dinner event who sells photos online afterwards?

Yes No
11)   Was the price you paid for the reunion activities worth the value that you received?

Yes No
12)   What price range would you be willing to pay per person to attend the next reunion dinner event?

  $40 - $50
  $50 - $75
  $75 - $100
  Any reasonable price, I will most likely attend no matter what.
  Other (please list):
13)   Should we continue to offer the Ames High School tour?

Yes No
14)   Would you suggest that anything be done differently during the tour?

15)   Was there adequate communication regarding location, times, activities for the 30th reunion?

Yes No
16)   When communicating with you, was there a better way to get in touch with you initially and throughout the planning process?

17)   Please provide any suggestions for improving our class website (www.ames1981.com) so that we can keep it active and interesting for our next reunion:

18)   There are 187 classmates who created profiles on our website. Please suggest ways that we can engage the remaining 239 (give or take) classmates:

19)   To assure that we have future reunions, we need volunteers to serve on the reunion planning committee. Please list your name here or recommend someone willing to help plan our next reunion:

20)   Please provide any additional comments, ideas or suggestions: